[jitsi-users] Unable to see server MUC and other question



I'm currently install a server for I.M. and test different client XMPP. So I make a test of Jitsi to see what is it and how it's working. Here is my actual server :

Prosody 0.9.8-1~trusty2

Jitsi 2.8.5426

Tests of client Jitsi are on a Windows 8.

· Jisti works fine, but I can't see the server room I've create on my server, when I do « Files->Add Room Chat » I see nothing. If I use another client (like Psi, Gajim or another else) I can see my server room !?
Is there a way to solve that or another Menu (I've not see another menu to do that, but maybe I miss something) to retrieve Server MUC ?
· I've trying to test some nightly build of Jitsi(2.9.xxxx) but there is no .exe who's work. The first I've tried just begin windows with a messsage « Nimbuzz Avatar » and after nothing else. I remove it and install another setup but this time (and following other) Jisty simply don't start.
· The status of contact in Outlook 2013 are here but if I clic on send an instant message, it make nothing. is there a plugin in Outlook to install ? Or something like that ?

Thanks in advance.


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