[jitsi-users] Ubuntu: mdns name resolution in jitsi not working


And also because we hadn't picked an appropriate design. We had it
implemented as a protocol while it would be a lot more convenient as a
contact source (and some additional services such as .local domain name



On 15.05.13, 19:30, Ingo Bauersachs wrote:

I have an openfire server running on another machine and I notice that
jitsi does no seem to resolve the .local domain via mdns. Can this be
fixed or is there a way to change the configuration ? Other applications
like Firefox or a simple ping work over mdns.

Jitsi relies on a DNS server that is able to resolve .local, it cannot even
use the hosts-file. This is a limitation of the library we're using for DNS
resolution (dnsjava). The Zeroconf support we had for while has been
disabled due to lack of support.