[jitsi-users] trouble shooting jitsi:i386

I have a big problem with this jitsi version ....I use jitsi on my all OSs( 10 ) installed on the PC & external Hdd no problem expect for Kubuntu 13.10 & linux mint petra . On windows 7 no problem.....After download jitsi on website & install it , this packages "jitsi:i386" on synaptic became ,we don't know the reason why , a*packages broken***??
I can't use synaptic after & jitsi ....After uninstalle it from synaptic ...I can use again synaptic ....Can you tell me where come from this trouble & If you said which one jitsi version we can use on the Kubuntu 13.10 & Linux mint 16 , many thanks ,
regards JB Morvan