[jitsi-users] the video not work but permissions camera and microphone are OK


Hello everyone,
Excuse me for my english.
I installed Jitsi meet with an SSL certificate class 1.
The screen is OK at Home. When I create room is going well.
Permissions for the camera and microphone are OK.
But nothing happens. I don't see me. the video isn't working. My screen
is blue. Have you got a solution ?
Thank you for your help.

you can see and test here : https://www.instants.live/

*damencho <https://github.com/damencho>* says :

It seems your config is not working with www <http://www/>. Try
accessing your domain without www <http://www/>. Also maybe some port
forwarding or something is not working, if your jvb is behind nat.

Could you tell mes What are the files configuration i must change?

Thank you for your help