[jitsi-users] Thank you for Jitsi and Jitsi Meet!


Dear Jitsi / Meet developers,

in the last ten years, from time to time, I have been trying to do
videoconferences with Free software, but I always had bad luck: crashes,
unsupported webcams... even though there's GNU/Linux on all sides.

Until now! Jitsi Meet works wonderfully! And also Jitsi itself did not
crash any longer under Debian 7 with a Logitech C310 [1] after I
compiled it from source instead of using the packages.

I'll be pointing out some minor issues I found while putting Jitsi Meet
on a Debian 8 / Java 8 Docker container. But for this mail - let me just
say a big THANK YOU !


[1] http://lists.jitsi.org/pipermail/dev/2013-June/017519.html