[jitsi-users] Text messages lost in invalid OTR state


I started using Jitsi as my main XMPP client about 1 1/2 years ago and like it very much. Recently, I switched to using OTR by default with Jitsi. This has caused some annoyances, as I’m used to sending messages even when (1) the recipient is offline or (2) either of the participants has been offline after starting OTR.

When I send a message after Jitsi has notified me that the private communication has been terminated by the other side, the message I just typed is completely lost. It does not appear in the chat window and cannot be recovered e.g. by up-arrow.

I would expect the behavior to be that

(a) the message appears in the chat history framed with a message that it was not sent (this allows me to copy/paste the message after recovering OTR mode or deciding to send without OTR), or
(b) the message is not sent and the input remains unchanged, so I can immediately resend it after establishing the desired working OTR state.

I don’t think this should be a big change, but would make a big difference for users. I believe making private chat as painless as possible is one of Jitsi’s main goals.

My preference would be that Jitsi tries to (i) re-establish OTR if possible when a user is trying to send a message when OTR is half-closed, and, (ii) if that fails, keep the message in the input window.