[jitsi-users] Suggestions about Address List

I deleted my contacts list (contactlist.xml) file and started Jitsi. I noticed that the Facebook users go into a nice group called "Facebook Friends" that I can shrink mostly make disappear, but the Google Talk contacts are not placed into separate group so all 37 of them are placed at the top of the list with no way to make them go away (with the exception of maybe creating a group and moving them one by one (or editting contactlist.xml)).

So a suggestion would be to put unknown contacts from Google Talk into their own generic group if possible.

I very rarely need it, so I turned off the Google Talk group for the time being to circumvent the issue for me.




*John F. Ervin
**Central Florida TeleSource LLC
*/10151 University Blvd #224
Orlando, FL 32817
jervin@jervin.com <mailto:jervin@jervin.com>