[jitsi-users] suggestion: different icon to switch back to contact list.


On the top right of the Jitsi desktop app there is a clock icon with a
mouse over popup window "Click here to show call history". This is
intuitive and works perfectly fine.

However, if I click this icon and do switch to the call history list
the icon symbol does not change! Only the mouser over popup window
changes to "Click here to switch off the history view and show your
contact list." The icon grey level might slightly change, might,
meaning it's not straight away noticible if it does at all (Jitsi
desktop app on Linux). I had a few users asking me how they can switch
back to their contact list again!

Therefore I suggest to change the icon to a contact list symbol while
the call history is shown.
If I remember correctly from the old days, Skype has exactly that and
I never had a user ask me how they can go back to their contact list.

Thanks for the consideration and most of all for providing the
community which such an outstanding program!