[jitsi-users] Stuttering audio calls on Windows 7 x64


thank you for the info.
Too bad that it is not backported to XP.



On Mon, 26 Aug 2013 11:05:01 +0300, Lyubomir Marinov <lyubomir.marinov@jitsi.org> wrote:

2013/8/25 Johannes Prost <Johannes@yorktondigital.ca>:

as this (WASAPI) and video conferncing in general is new to me, I am also

experince the stuttering in the audio by using the stable on XP. Mentioned
above, to use WASAPI with Windows Vista+, is WASAPI available for XP also
? As I said, it's new to me, so propably a stupid question.

Microsoft have introduced Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) in
Windows Vista and have not backported it to Windows XP so,
unfrotunately, Jitsi is stuck with PortAudio on Windows XP.

Theoretically, we could use DirectSound to replace PortAudio on
Windows XP. In practice, we are unlikely to invest into such an

Johannes Prost