[jitsi-users] Strange behaviour



There has been a demo today on one of our Jitsi servers runing :

- jicofo_1.0-299-1_amd64.deb
- A custom jitsi-meet_1.0.1378-1_all.deb
- jitsi-meet-prosody_1.0.1378-1_all.deb
- jitsi-videobridge_829-1_amd64.deb

There was a conference between 5 clients, and it was working well. Then two clients started to share it's screen, and it has gone wild. Video appeared / dispareared randomly. When the clients disconnected and reconnected one after the other, everybody became moderator. When everybody quits the room at once and return, everything returns to normal. I wasn't part of this test, so I try to repport it as I've been told.

Tomorrow we are going to make some tests again, but this time I'll be there, monitoring the ressources and eventually the logs.

What should I look for ? Is there something I can do ?