[jitsi-users] Sound problems



For those who remember my last thread: I finally managed to get the
audio/video zRTP connection going; now it works "reliably" if done the
right way (I have to have Jitsi freshly started and call my friend --
the other way round it does not work).

Anyway, another problem is that from time to time (but only over rather
short periods, like 5-10% of the time) the audio sounds "chopped off"
and is uncomprehensible.

Do you have any ideas what would be most likely to cause such problems
-- connection bandwidth, processor busy, anything else? Can I do
anything about it, like decreasing the video quality (already tried,
didn't help noticably) or changing some other settings?

I understand that this is probably hard to answer without further
details, but it would be interesting to get any ideas on what was the
most likely cause and possible remedy. Did any of you also experience
something like that?

Thanks a lot! Yours,


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