[jitsi-users] Sip Messaging 405. Method Not Allowed


I'm trying to enable Sip Messaging by enabling Force -Message in Jitsi
property Editor.
Got status error in chat pane " The above message could not be delivered
A network problem occurred. Please check your network configuration and try
again. Error was: 405 Method Not Allowed". it show when i try to send a
text messaging to other sip account id.

When i check the asterisk server, It show it can receive my my text
message but it can't send to the receiver., It show "received message to
<sip:102@xx.xx.xx.xx> from "101" <sip:101@xx.xx.xx.xx>;tag=9d4ceb1f,
dropped it...
  Message: zxczczc"

How to solve this error