[jitsi-users] Sip dial-rules / prefix from address book | anonymous calling

Hi all

I'm relative new to jitsi and I like some features, but also have some questions.

I already searched the list but did not find a proper answer

I have an ldap system which stores all phone numbers in +E164. Now I face the problem that the sip proxy I have to use does not support + dialing and I need to convert the numbers to the dialing habit

Eg. For Germany I have a +49.T and the sip proxy needs 00049.T for dialing. That would mean strip first char (+)and prefix 000
This is easly done in counterpath x-lite/Bria

Unfortunately setting a prefix for ldap to 000 ends up with a calling number off 000+49.T

Also I would like to know if there is some plugin which could mark the display name for the next sip call as anonymous

Btw I'm using current jitsi stable