[jitsi-users] SIP-Contacts sometimes not displayed in Jitsi


Hi list,

we installed Jitsi on 4 computers (all Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit). Every softphone has one SIP account configured and registered against a Kamailio SIP server. On 3 machines we see the following problem:

We can add a contact by specifying the number of the contact. The contact is displayed in the contact list with its status (online/offline/on the phone). When we add a second contact most of the time it isn't displayed in the contact list. After restarting Jitsi sometimes both contacts are displayed sometimes only the first is shown and sometimes we can't see any contact.

The user has full control on ....\AppData\Roaming\Jitsi

The file contactlist.xml seems to be written correctly all the time. All contacts are written to contactlist.xml but not always displayed by Jitsi.

Any ideas?