[jitsi-users] SIP and fritzbox 7490


First, I want to introduce myself: My name is Knutowskie, I'm living in

Germany and i was just annoyed by skype. So i found a

alternative solution called jitsi.
(Well, nobody of my friends uses jitsi... is there any skype integration planned? They told me, that jitsi sounds like something Chinese and they don't want to install malware... WTF)

To get to the real reason of my writing here:

I've got a problem to get jitsi work with my fritz.box 7490.
I set it up and it works for some times. I can call to the outside and people can call me.

After a while jitsi doesn't ring if someone calls me on my telephone number. So i thought about a problem with the keep-alive. After some testing it still doesn't work.
Any suggestions?

Yours, Knutowskie


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