[jitsi-users] Simultaneous start of Jitsi resets sip-communicator.properties

Hi all,

I recently had an issue where Jitsi was configured to start automatically on logon AND was put into the StartUp/Autostart folder of Windows.

This lead to two instances of Jitsi starting up simultaneously, which not only blocked each other (see attached error logs for reasons), but also destroyed/reset the config file.
(i.e. no account specified, global shortcuts not set, Jitsi blocks while showing splash screen with "Security Configuration")

Fortunately I could restore the file from the AD roaming profile.

One question (as an admin): How is the autostart feature on Windows implemented (obviously its not by putting the link in the Autostart folder).

One feature request/issue report:
Either improve the mechanism for detecting another instance of jitsi coming up OR make the initial loading of the properties file more robust such that the file does not get reset to initial ("empty") settings.

Kind regards,


jitsi0.log.0 (31 KB)

jitsi1.log.0 (31.5 KB)