[jitsi-users] security settings



i am new to jitsi. i have some questions according the Security Features
of Jitsi.

1. in options --> Security --> chat

how is the fingerprint created. And where is my public and pricate Key?
Can i change my private key?

2. in options --> Security --> call --> ZRTP

what exactyl happen when i check "Trusted MitM" and/or "SAS signature
if it is unchecked (default) then it mean a MIM attack can happen?

if i only activate "AES3" in the symmetric cipher, does it mean my
communication via video and audio
will be only encrypted with aes3?
But what happen when my communication partner only activated "TWO1" ?

does the symmetric key in the ZRTP configuration also apply on the
OTR chat, or ist it only for audio and video?

Thanks a lot. And sorry for to many questions But i also didnt find
the documentation of these issues...