[jitsi-users] Security in chatroom


Chat window, "Secure chat" -> "Enable private messaging",
"Automatically initiate private messaging" and "Require private
messaging" selected. I click to invite and choose another users.
I'm = "A"
another users = "B" and "C"

"A" user lock icon locked and can modify it, "B" and "C" users
lock icon not locked, and can not change (gray).

Is it possible that the situation is similar as at conference

Jitsi version 2.3.4668.9744-1. If a conference call works at


On Mon May 27 14:31:27 2013, hristo wrote:
> I have just committed the following change:
> The creator of the call can see the security status of all other
> participants, but the other participants can see only the zrtp lock icon
> (security status label) for the creator of the call.
> For example:
> If A calls B and C, in the conference call window of A zrtp lock icons are
> displayed for B and C, in the conference windows of B and C zrtp lock icons
> are displayed only for A (which is the creator of the conference call).