[jitsi-users] Screen Sharing Zoom, SIP Integration


We used the QuickInstall method to get Jitsi Meet running and it is working great. I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone can help with:

First, when using Screen Sharing, it doesn't seem possible to zoom in to the content on the screen. Even resizing the browser window that has the image or going into full screen doesn't scale the content. In most cases this is trivial, but in some cases the text is completely unreadable. Anything I'm missing that would allow us to zoom or change the size of the shared content?

Second, I'd like to get the SIP bridge going, but am struggling a little with that install. I installed the package in Ubuntu and it configures and starts, and adds the little icon of the phone to the meetings - but I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to use it. I'm not even clear what the username/password I'm asked for during configuration of the SIP bridge represents? Is it the username/password of a remote SIP system? Or is it used by a remote system to talk to this SIP bridge? Is there a way to integrate SIP with a local PBX (Asterisk)?



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