[jitsi-users] screen sharing on VMware/Hyper-V environment


I am having trouble testing jitsi's screen share over VM(VMware/Hyper-V)
guest OS
environments and like to know if this is an issue or limitation. My testing
environment and results
are as follows.



- Server side: openfire + jitsi video-bridge plugin (both latest release)
- Client side : Windows7Pro SP1 + jitsi (latest release)
- Network: same IP address segment (no firewalls)

Using Same Client OSs + jitsi client, I've tested screen sharing on
following pattern
(DesktopPC means normal PC(no virtual machine))

1) Desktop PC1 <-> Desktop PC2
2) Desktop PC1 <-> VM guest2(Vmware/Hyper-V)
3) VM guest1 <-> VM guest2


1) screen sharing OK on both sides.
2) VM guest2 -> Desktop PC1 screen sharing is OK
      Desktop PC1 -> VM guest2 sceen sharing is NG ( black screen)
3) screen sharing NG on both sides (black screen).

#tested over couple VMware/Hyper-V version, but results are the same.


On VM guest environment, it seems

- encoding it's own screen and sending capability works OK
- receiving and decoding capabilty have issues (or limitation)

I suspect some DirectX(DirectShow/Direct3D) limitation on VMs...

Any clues, suggestion, workaround is appreciated

Best Regards,