[jitsi-users] Running Jitsi-Meet on Apache Webserver


Hi all,

I'am trying to install Jitsi-Meet for a small company of a family member but I can't get Jitsi-Meet running on Apache2. Apache is running on an Ubuntu 14.04 server. When running from a old (test) machine using the provided scripts everything works nicely. I tried to Google for a solution but none of the provided 'solutions' worked for me. In the Jitsi-mailinglists there is a posting dating from February 2014 and also this solution does not work.

I seem to get stuck quite early in the process. The webpage is showing but it is static and not reacting to inpute. Also the blue circles on the starts creen remain empty (no text). I did enable the modules SSL, Proxy, Proxy-http, Rewrite. Further I configured a virtual host based on the posting of February 2014.

Changing from Apache to NGINX is not yet an option because of other web-applications that would need a conversion from Apache to NGINX.

Could someone provide met with instructions on how to configure Apache2 so it will serve Jitsi-Meet?

Thanks in advance,