[jitsi-users] RESENDING ... Jitsi Crashes on Video Launch

Ah, it sounds like some problem with the webcam video. When you open the
'Video' tab, the webcam video is automatically acquired and displayed, but
there's a problem accessing it on your system. This might also explain why
Jitsi crashes on starting the video call - it will try to acquire and
display webcam video while ringing.

Like I said, the logs will help the Jitsi developers in debugging.

- Sandeep


> Hi,
> You should go 'Video' tab in options, and click on the 'Encodings'
There you will find a list of video codecs that can be used, and can change
their order as well. I'm not sure if changing the order changes priority or
preferred video codec.

Dear Sandeep:

Thank you for your post! Actually, I cannot quite there. I click on the
Video Tab, and JITSI crashes at that point. Again, I cannot quite get to
the 'Encodings" option.

> The video codec used for video call will also depend on the other
program and what it supports (if it supports only H.264 then H.264 is the
only codec you can use).

Thank you, again. Fortunately, I had understood this.. But, this does not
give a clue to why it crashes EVEN before I ring anyone, and just as I
the Video Tab.

> You can also take a look at the Jitsi logs, which should have some sort
Java error or backtrace, which can help in debugging the problem.
> - Sandeep

Will look into that Sandeep. Thank you, I appreciate receiving the