[jitsi-users] RESENDING ... Jitsi Crashes on Video Launch


8 Days ago, I posted the following message. Since I have not received
any response, I am reposting again in the hopes that there is a
possible solution to this crash.


Hello all!

New to using Jitsi. I find it to be a wonderful program. I have a
problem however, with launching Video. Each time I choose to initiate
Video, Jitsi crashes. I understand that there may be a Codec problem
from notes that I have seen. But, where do we change any of the
existing Video Codec selections?

I am using a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium/x64/i7Core/8GB RAM
I have tried the Advanced selection tab in Jitsi Console, and
adjustments there don't seem to help.

Assistance in this area is much appreciated. Thank you to all for
your consideration.