[jitsi-users] Receive STUN checks before our ICE has started


Hi guys,

We want to use Jitsi from Chrome, using REST. Conference looks fine in colibri (IMO) and from webrtc-internals I can see that candidates have been exchanged and Chrome is sending packets.


But Jitsi is not sending anything, and from the log I can see this:

2016-09-21 19:44:13.549 FINEST: [236] org.ice4j.stack.Connector.run() received datagram packet - addr: / port: 56334
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINEST: [233] org.ice4j.stack.MessageProcessor.run() Dispatching a StunMessageEvent.
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINEST: [233] org.ice4j.stack.StunStack.handleMessageEvent() Received a message on of type:1
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINEST: [233] org.ice4j.stack.StunStack.handleMessageEvent() parsing request
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINEST: [233] org.ice4j.stack.StunStack.handleMessageEvent() existing transaction not found
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINEST: [233] org.ice4j.stack.StunStack.validateMessageIntegrity() Successfully verified msg integrity
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINER: [233] org.ice4j.ice.ConnectivityCheckServer.processRequest() Received request StunMessageEvent:
        Message=BINDING-REQUEST(0x1)[attrib.count=6 len=96 tranID=0x4678622B3079676E46374F78] remoteAddr= localAddr=
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINE: [233] org.ice4j.ice.Agent.incomingCheckReceived() set use-candidate false for pair -> (stream.RTP)
2016-09-21 19:44:13.624 FINE: [233] org.ice4j.ice.Agent.incomingCheckReceived() Receive STUN checks before our ICE has started

We have no STUN or ICE explicitly configured. The only thing that we have installed is jitsi-videobridge from your download link. I can see the message is from https://github.com/jitsi/ice4j/blob/master/src/main/java/org/ice4j/ice/Agent.java#L1542 and the ice4j.jar is referenced and loaded by jvb.

- Do we miss something?

Thanks, Oliver.


Anybody can help me with this?