[jitsi-users] Re jitsi echo cancellation: some tips


Hi Vieri,

The echo problem is not caused from bandwidth. To reduce echo I recommend on the following steps:

1. Use headsets.

2. Lower the volume of the speakers and microphone and try to increase the distance between them.
3. Install echo cancellation software like Personal PBXMate.



I'd like to ask for some pointers on how to optimize my Jitsi settings for
echo cancellation.

My test system consists of 2 OpenVPN-connected computers. There's no firewall
between the 2 hosts and I created "RegistrarLess" SIP accounts on both
clients so that I can make direct SIP calls between the 2.

I can establish the call and have a conversation but there are quite a few

1) audio is somewhat scratchy and "electronic" (may be due to network latency
or selected audio codec so I'm leaving that for later testing)

2) when anyone of us activates the webcam, audio becomes horribly scratchy to
a point that I can't hear the other party talk. Again, this can be due to a
network overload so I'll fine.-tune that later on. However, I find that
strange since both peers have around 400Kbps upload bandwidth dedicated to
this test.

3) when the "scratchy" voice finally settles down, both parties experience
echo problems. Both Jitsi softwares use Pulseaudio with echo cancellation and
noise reduction. However, there doesn't seem to be any echo cancellation
because everything one says is repeated in full, even after several minutes.
I'm wondering if Jitsi's echo cancellation only works with a particular audio

Any hints/tips as to what I can try to do to improve my Jitsi experience? :slight_smile: