[jitsi-users] 回复:Re: Crash report

I resume, as soon as you enter chinese into jitsi, it crashes.
But if someone else is sending in chinese, it's displayed correctly.


This message got in via private mail, i'm just relaying it.



Am 27.06.2015 um 01:09 schrieb likeitnow@sina.com:

> The program show chinese OK,but when I try to inport chinese the
> program Crashed.
> jitsi : jitsi-2.9.5426-x86.exe, jitsi-2.9.5454-x86.exe
> OS : Windows 2003

Thank you for your reply.
I'm sorry, "inpot" the word is wrong, I want to say is input.
Chinese input method is invoked when the program crashes.