[jitsi-users] Re: call quality


Hi Emil

I use Windows 7 32-Bit

Hi Neil

I just checked it out, by reinstalling 1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3481 and
it worked perfect ?! I tried the Java sound and it was really terrible,
but not the same as i had before with Port Audio. Maybe my problem is
just fixed in version 3481, I wrote my email using version 3480.




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An: 'users@jitsi.java.net'
Betreff: [jitsi-users] Re: call quality

Hi Katharina - have you checked the Audio source is still Port Audio? I
use win 7 / 64 and the Java sound is terrible as you describe, while
port audio is crystal clear

Could be the new version changed the input source


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Hey Katharina,

Could you tell us what OS you are using?


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On May 19, 2011 11:15 AM, "Neff Katharina" <Katharina.Neff@agridea.ch> wrote:


In version "jitsi-1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3473-x86" from 2011-05-17


call quality was perfect. In all newer versions the call quality is


bad (breaking up). I reinstalled now
"jitsi-1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3473-x86" and it's perfect again.