[jitsi-users] Question on Authenticated Access Configuration


I have installed jitsi-meet on ubuntu using the quick install instructions. Everything worked fine in the default configuration. I have attempted to configure "secure domain" access following the instructions at https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo. On initiating a session start from a Chrome browser I am presented with the "I am the host" dialog followed by the "login" dialog. After entering the username/password at this dialog it briefly indicates that it is "obtaining session-id" and then shows "Get session-id error: 401". I can see from prosody.log that a BOSH session is assigned and the user is authenticated but it immediately logs that the "BOSH client disconnected". Thinking that this might be the cross-domain issued described at http://prosody.im/doc/setting_up_bosh I included the "cross_domain_bosh" key in the prosody config but this has not changed the behavior. Where should I be looking?

Thanks in advance

- steve