[jitsi-users] Provsioning Jitsi in Centos??/


I am having a problem which I am hope you guys are able to assist ,I am trying to provision Jitsi on centos 6 32bit,However I am getting numerous error messages I have fixed most but the latest its throwing out is ( UnsatisfiedLinkError) ,Its looking for files that not in the centos repository I have tried to copy most of those files from a red hat server however the more I fix the more it errors out this leads me to my question does jitsi support or runs on CentOS? If yes what version?

If Jitsi works with centos 6 is there a php script you guys can provide me with so I can get my server provisioned correctly.

PS (Your online documentation only mentions Ubuntu and debian,I tried debian and that worked fine however our production servers run Centos.

Thanks in Advance