[jitsi-users] Project idea

Hello. I've joined this list to propose an idea. I've tried out Jitsi
(briefly), and liked what I've seen.

I'm a conference interpreter, and videoconferencing is a very natural field
for conference interpreters to expand into. So natural, in fact, that a
number of companies are building platforms on WebRTC to do exactly that.
The problem is that they are all highly proprietary. I would very much like
to see a free/open solution.

I'm not a developer, so I can't get involved that way, but I can give a
detailed explanation of my expectations. Essentially, interpreters need to
be able to listen on one audio channel and speak into another, and
listeners need to be able to choose which language they want to listen to.
Interpreters also need their own "backstage" area to coordinate taking
turns. If and when this project is up and running, the logical next step
would be a broadcast version to provide interpreting at traditional

I'd be happy to talk with anyone interested in this project either on or



Hi Steve,
Did you ever get feedback on this, or do you use any other tools for video-conference interpreting?