[jitsi-users] Problems with history and nick-names in chat-rooms



I'am using Jitsi 2.4.4997 on Mageia 3 x86_64 and Jitsi 2.5.2100 on Windows XP as a Jabber-Clients.
I've created a chat-room, and it works. But:
I have 2 users: user1@example.com and user2@example.com. When they join to chat-room they change their nick-names to Alice and Bob (user1 - Alice, user2 - Bob), so in the chat-room's contact list I see Alice and Bob (that's OK). Users start to write each other, so their messages are under their nick-names in the messages-field (that's OK too). If some user close the chat-room-window and open it again:
1) all nick-names (here Alice and Bob) in the messages-field are changed to jabber-account (user1@example.com and user2@example.com). In the chat-room's contact list everything is OK (without any changes).
2) chat-history in the message-field is cut, so there is only a part of messages (4-10 messages). How to configure it to see all messages (or at least for the current day)

Kind Regards, Damir