[jitsi-users] Problems with firewall rules


Hello everyone,

I am pretty desperate and I hope somebody can help me.
(As my problem is most probably connected to a telephone and internet service provider in
France, it might be that somebody from France reading these lines could be more likely be
able to help me)

I have been a GNU-Linux-Debian user since 2005. I now use Debian 7/Wheezy with Chromium as
a browser for use with Jitsi.
Until last November I was using a DartyBox. With that, everything worked all right. Among
others, I was straightforwardly and plainly able to set up a Jitsi.meet (@
https://meet.jit.si/) conference.

Then DartyBox wanted to get rid of its clients, and I subscribed to become a customer of
Unfortunately whereas I haven't changed anything to the configuration of my computer, I am
now completely unable to even take part in a Jitsi.meet conference – nobody sees me or
hears me (the only thing apparently functioning is chat), it has become impossible for the
camera to even be detected!

As other programs seem no longer to function (e.g. ekiga, tor relay), I suspect that there
is a problem with the settings of the firewall on the box...

When "the firewall contains no rule", "as a standard settings the box blocks all unwanted
traffic", says the BouguesBox. However that's also what the DartyBox said in the past, but
that one did let through enough traffic in order for me to be able to take part in a
Jitsi.meet conference !

So I don't really understand what is missing or lacking.
Does anyone among those of you based in France think that they could make any suggestions
as to how I could solve this problem?
Especially which configuration of the firewall I should try and how to design, i.e. right,
the rules governing the firewall.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.