[jitsi-users] Problems Connecting to Repro

I have been following http://www.rtcquickstart.org/ to try and setup a
SIP/TURN server, I believe I have done this correctly, but I can't
connect to it with Jitsi (or any other client)?

Jitsi gives the following exceptions.
10:20:27.896 SEVERE: [38]
impl.protocol.sip.SipRegistrarConnection.register().325 Could not send
out the register request!
javax.sip.SipException: Network is unreachable

10:20:29.929 SEVERE: [38]
Cannot send register!
Could not send out the register request!

When running repro such that I can see the debug output, nothing that
appears interesting to me comes up.

I am trying to connect from behind a NAT, with an ISP router (source of
many problems). Does anyone know of any common issues that could be
causing this, or any steps I could take to determine what might be wrong?