[jitsi-users] Problem with drag and drop an XMPP contact to an active call

Hello Devs and advanced users,

I have a problem with Jitsi where I cannot drag and drop an XMPP, LDAP or Outlook contact that has telephone contacts to an active call.
There is no problem with dragging contacts that are SIP (not xmpp) or items from the call history list (these work as expected).

I thought it was because the domain of the SIP and XMPP accounts were not the same, so I aligned these without any luck. So now I am unsure how to make this work correctly.

I use XMPP and SIP. And I can click the "Call" icon on any XMPP contact and the call will originate using the SIP account without any issue. Its only when attempting to add this xmpp contact to an active call or conference by drag and drop. (note: The same error occurs for LDAP and Outlook contacts).


Thank you,


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