[jitsi-users] Possibile problem using Jitsi on 7 X64

Hi Everyone,
After being able to properly set up the lan to lan connections of the Jitsi
clients I'm going on to test the software on our reference platforms and I
found a possible Issue (tested on 2.2 stable and on nightly build).
Reading around seems to be already notified but it's not clear so I try to
be more precise:
The platform is windows 7 X64 installed on a portable pc. With wired lan
everything works fine (calls, file transfer and chats). Trying to go with
wi-fi (having detached wired connection before) I found out that the client
raise an error in case you try to tranfer files or do a call.
The only way to have the communication working (i do think Ice4J is
involved) is to disable any other network connection. If you do that, after
restarting the client (maybe it's not necessary but I do it to clear any
kind of binding), the client works fine.
The issue is not present on another machine running XP x86.

Let me know if it could be useful to provide some more infos & logs or if
it's a known issue.