[jitsi-users] OTR implementation in Jitsi 2.0?


Hello all,

I've started using Jitsi 2.0 and its really be great so far, thanks to
everyone who spent so much time toiling over it, thank you!

One (hopefully simple) question I have is in regard to encrypted instant
messaging. The Jitsi features page < https://jitsi.org/Main/Features > has
a section on Security that states:

Encrypted Instant Messaging with Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR)

I also found this excellent page with details about OTR <
https://jitsi.org/GSOC2009/OTR >

My short experience with Jitsi 2.0 and a buddy, we were able to
authenticate key pairs and thus fingerprints of those keys in Jitsi 2.0
Security -> Chat options and then we were able to authenticate each other
per the suggested approach (telephone or encrypted email). So, I guess this
means Jitsi 2.0 comes with the Java libraries that implement OTR? Or am I
maybe mistaken? If I am not mistaken, which libraries are used for OTR?

Cheers and thanks again for the great efforts in Jitsi 2.0 its really quite
nice (using on a MacBook running OS X 10.8.2 "Mountain Lion" without any
problems so far)!