[jitsi-users] ... opening a secure chat for the first time .. possible issue/bug/fr



i'm uncertain if it's a bugreport or a feature request.

When i open a secured textchat with a partner i already have
authenticated and in my contact list,

Client version: latest stable.

the first message i send gets rejected with "did not get send. Call must
be encrypted". followed by a hint that jitsi save all the chat history,
than the lock gets the green symbol for a secured chat.

Problem: I have no clue if the message was send afterwards or not.

If it hasn't been sent, why not, the chat got encrypted, no big deal to
send the message to the partner.

If it has been sent silently, a notice would be cool. It does not show
in the history, so i have to type the message again.
Which will get very frustrating with larger texts. ( or copy&paste from
the visible notice )

Please improve it.