[jitsi-users] openfire+jitsiVideoBridge+jitsi client


I have tryed to configure this setup.
On same server I have OpenFire 3.9.1 with jvb.sh running as External
Component on 5275 port.
Followed official example (

On many clients I have set up jitsi 2.5.5194 clients with xmpp accounts.

Creating conference call is working (Tools/Create conference calls), but
for 7 participants video started failing and bandwidth was 2.2 mbps, which
is a lot for this number I think.

Creating Video Bridge is not working, I can call and we all get connected
but there is no audio/video sharing (one way A|V only see each other and
activiti on microphone bar , but nthing on the other side).

Now I presume this is a network specific problem, cause I have 2 interfaces
+ loopback, setted up OpenFire to work on one (call it public), jitsi
clients are approaching on that interface, but I assume I get lost in that
port / interface forwarding.

Can someone tell me where to look for debug, for what protocol to do
tcpdump to see where that handshake gets lost?