[jitsi-users] Non-updating multiuser chat window's user list (XMPP)



We are having trouble with XMMP multiuser chats on Jitsi. Jitsi's chat window's user list does not stay up to date and user arrivals and departures do not always cause a notification text on the chat window. Usually users stay on chat's user list even when they have went offline or the user's name isn't visible on the list even when he/she is online and has joined the chat and is able to read and write messages to the chat. Sometimes chat window opens with blank user list although there is users on the chat and they are able to chat with each other.

Brief testing seems to implicate that these problems do not exist when using for example Adium.

We are running Jitsi version 2.0.4506.10553 on Mac OSX:s and similar 2.0 version on Windows machines. Our XMPP server is currently running ejabberd 2.1.10.

Any ideas how to fix this? Or is it a bug in Jitsi? How to make sure this is client side and not server side problem?

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