[jitsi-users] No video/audio if more than 2 devices in a jitsi room. Device duplication


Thank you, this helped.

Apparently, I used "org.jitsi.videobridge.NAT_HARVESTER_LOCAL_ADDRESS"
when I should have used
"org.ice4j.ice.harvest.NAT_HARVESTER_LOCAL_ADDRESS" in my
configuration file.


2018-02-19 17:36 GMT+02:00 Boris Grozev <boris@jitsi.org>:

Sounds like the connection to jitsi-videobridge fails. Looks at the client
logs and the logs in /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log. Perhaps access to port
udp/10000 is not allowed, or NAT specific configuration is necessary[0].



On 19/02/2018 08:27, А Д wrote:

Let's suppose we have devices A, B and C. If A and B has connected to
the same room, jitsi works perfectly, even if both of them use video
and audio. No lags, everything works smoothly. But once a third device
joins in, the video and audio feed is immediately cut off on both

If none of the devices have webcams, and only device A has a mic, the
moment device C is connected, the audio feed for device B is cut
anyway. So he bandwidth is hardly an issue. It has something to do
with jitsi's configuration, its default configuration since I did not
alter it other than adding file
~/.sip-communicator/.sip-communicator.properties. I removed it now;
the problem remains.

It's not a disconnect. All three (or more) devices still are present
online, and the chat works too, but nobody can see anyone other than
themselves. If only two devices are left online, video and audio both
reappear very soon.

Or not, since ghost devices appear occasionally. They are basically
copies of the devices already present online. If only one physical
device is present online and its copy is also online, I get audio
feedback. If a second device joins is (but it's usually two, a new
physical device and its copy), the noise will be cut off immediately.

The first problem does not occur when other devices join other rooms.
It only happens when a room has more than 2 devices, no matter if they
are physical devices or copies of the devices already present online.

The second problem seems to be happening randomly. But it *doesn't*
happen when only 2 devices join a newly created room and no 3rd device
attempts to do the same.

Is there something I can do about that?

Thanks in advance

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