[jitsi-users] No encrypt negotiation


Hello all

I'm very newbie at jitsi and perhaps the symptoms I'm going to write are
already described, but I couldn't find anything about it (perhaps
because my bad english)

I'm performing some tests using three accounts in the same domain:

with two laptops connected to the same router one using cable and other
by wifi, I can connect one account to other and I get the yellow lock
waiting to confirm the key and after confirm I get green closed lock.
One laptop is running Debian Stable and other Ubuntu 16.04, so
connection is ok.

Other test is with one laptop at my home and other laptop in other house
with two accounts in the same domain, ring and connection seems ok but
the stage remain in "red opened lock" phase, we have not audio nor video

I tried to compare log in both cases but I couldn't find big differences.

Regards and thanks in advanced