[jitsi-users] No audio input, distorted output, and barely visible text with dark colour theme under Linux


I'd like to report two issues I've been experiencing with Jitsi. I'm using
Jitsi 2.8.5426 installed from the AUR under Manjaro Linux x86-64 and KDE
Plasma 5.3.2.

The most critical one is that I can't make sound work. When I select
PulseAudio from the audio settings, there's no meter showing the input level
(the output test sound plays as normal though). If I switch to Port Audio,
however, then in the terminal output the following message occurs immediately:
"warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite".
Also, more importantly, even though I can see the input meter (going up to
about 80%), I can only hear distorted, cracking sound whenever I click on the
output test buttons and the message "LSA lib pcm.c:7905:(snd_pcm_recover)
underrun occurred" appears over 30 times in the terminal, regardless of what
device I choose.

The other problem is that when a dark colour theme is selected in the KDE
system settings, most of the text in the options dialogues and the chat window
are illegible in Jitsi because while the text colour changes to light colour,
respecting the colour theme set system-wide, the background remains white or
light blue.