[jitsi-users] Newbie questions for jitsi api

Hi all,

I am a newbie to jitsi.

I have the following problem that I need to solve:

1. I want to stream the video via my web cam pointed over my home car
2. The video stream would be received at my office laptop.
3. As such I want to keep an eye on my parked car at home via my web cam.

Following are my questions now:

I am able to run the Libjitsi sender and receiver code for my web cam, on a
local network setup.

1. How can I use ice4j to enable streaming across networks as the Jitsi
product is able to do.

Moreover I am also interested in knowing how Jitsi video calling works and
what components/protocols are involved, so that i can leverage that for my
own solution

I have hosted an openfire xmpp server of mine to facilitate communication
for session management for Libjitsi.

Please reply suitable links, reference etc.

thanks in advance