[jitsi-users] New stable release for Jitsi Desktop



I'm planning to publish a new stable release of Jitsi Desktop sometime this
month. This will be version 2.10.

Before that, I'm planning to address the following open bugs (details on
Github [1]):
#113 Jitsi keeps crashing on Ubuntu 14.04.2
#213 Crash after suspend (Linux; hopefully a duplicate of #113)
#203 Repository signing key is relatively weak (1024-bit DSA)
     (Note that this comes along with a general
      overhaul of the Debian repos, more information
      will follow in due time from @Damencho)
#192 Tray icon not visible (Linux)

If you have other issues that you think need to be addressed with this
release, please reply to this thread or comment in the respective Github
issue. Note that I simply can't consider any feature requests and I'm mainly
concerned about bugs that are new since the current/old stable 2.8 release.


[1] https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi/issues