[jitsi-users] Mysterious error in Jitsi desktop client, v 2.10.5550


To whomever is truly knowledgeable:

I used to receive the following error whenever I attempt to log in to Jitsi:


Error: Unable to create connection (ICE failed and no transponder found)

Now I don't get any error at all. Instead, it just "hangs" indefinitely.

Of course I've tried searching the web, unfortunately with no results, which is why I've resorted to having to send a message to this mailing list.

This issue arose out of nowhere a few months ago (i.e. Jitsi was working fine before; I didn't touch the installation - same computer)... this ultimately deterred me from using Jitsi. I really want to move away from Skype.

Here are some technical specifications...

Software: Jitsi desktop client, v 2.10.5550
Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04

Is this perhaps not a "known issue"? I would greatly appreciate any advice whatsoever that may help steer me in the right direction.


One thing that I just realized might be causing this issue is my XMPP account from xmpp.jp. When I attempt to visit that URL it no longer loads. Does anyone experience the same thing? Is that server no longer up and running? I checked the directory at XMPP.net and it's still listed as follows:


xmpp.jp founded in 2009, from Japan

Security grade client-to-server - Grade A
Security grade server-to-server - Grade A

Thanks in advance for a response from anyone with something that may help!