[jitsi-users] microphone access on Windows 10


Hi: I attempted to create a meeting at https://meet.jit.si/ under
Chrome and Windows 10.However, I get the message:"Failed to access
your microphone"
There is a Windows setting that controls microphone privacy and allows
specific apps to access the mic (see attached screenshot). However,
nothing specific to Jitsi is listed.
Thanks in advance.
VirgilioP.S. I have so far found ZERO users documentation, although a
few user-developed youtube video has been useful.


What is the question?


On Jan 4, 2018, at 20:17, Virgilio <vrodriguez@hush.com> wrote:




I am having this problem.
But, its giving me trouble when using my headset mic, the computer mic is working.
The thing is that the headset mic works fine in other programs, actually it works when I use jitsy on firefox.
So it’s jitsy on chrome, but I can’t find how to solve this.