[jitsi-users] meet.jit.si audio video screen sharing does notwork


Does just plain audio+video sharing work for you, without adding in the
screensharing aspect?

No. Let us discard the video part. On one computer the camera
does not get found. The other has no camera.

Computer 1 is ubuntu 14.04 firefox. Computer 2 is debian 9 firefox.
If selecting screen sharing computer 1 says
screen sharing extension failed to install.
Something went wrong with your screen
sharing extension permissions. Please
reload and try again.
Window up right says connection good.
Window down right says connection
Computer 2 center error message says
fellow jitser is having connectivity issues.
Window up right says connection good.
Window down right says
connection lost.
The background color turns grey shortley after the
computers connects.

Chat and notepad works.

Tell us more about your networking setup:
1. Are these 2 computers on the same subnet, able to see each other directly,
or are they in totally different locations across the Internet?

The router is vdsl.
When I test my computers, both are connected via wifi card.
One test was a connection to a computer connected
to the internet from somewhere else. Same

2. Are either or both of the computers you're trying to connect, behind a NAT
router to the Internet?

What is a nat?

If so, what make & model of router is it, and does it
have any Application Layer Gateway "helper" services enabled?

Can you clarify? Upnp is disabled. Because I was told upnp is insecure.

3. If the routers are in different locations, and both are behind NAT,

When connecting to the computer located some where else it
was connected to the internet via 3g.

same private subnet range?

Explain what it is?

What is shown on the other computer (the one being reported as having the

No error messages.

people... Please also tell us both upstream and downstream speeds.


> Is it common audio, video and screen sharing does not work?

Can it be caused by router settings?


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