[jitsi-users] Making phone calls with jitsi, using sipgate.de account

Hi, thanks for fast answer.
The problem is, that I don't really know, where and how to put the preferences.
I have the following information fromy my provider:
Registry: sipgate.de (Port 5060)
Proxy: sipgate.de (Port 5060)
NTP: ntp.sipgate.net
I am not sure, maybe I should enter my SIP-ID@sipgate.de in the jitsi-form, when adding the account.
I just don't know.
I tried several variants, but I get the message, that user is unknown or I cannot connect at all.
Hey Kolja,
Jitsi can indeed connect to a registrar if that is your qiestion (if not,
then I missed something because I am not sure why you mentioned
registrarless accounts).
STUN is not supported with SIP, but most SIP services provide hosted NAT
traversal so this shouldn't be a problem.
What is the exact issue you are encountering with sipgate.de?
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On 12 Jul 2014 9:37 AM, "Kolja Muchow" <krmrx@web.de > wrote:
> Hello,
> Already I searched the archive to find an answer to my question. I could
> not find...
> I am a registered user at sipgate.de
> This means, I also want to call landline numbers, for example in Germany,
> that for example look like this +495118076936
> I have put money on my sipgate.de account, but it seems, that with jitsi
> I cannot connect within my SIP account, since in jitsi, there is the
> possibility to connect to a REGISTRARLESS SIP account.
> Since my account is a registered one and I also registered a landline
> telephone number, I am not sure, can I use jitsi for making phone calls
> with my SIP account?
> At
> [https://jitsi.org/Documentation/FAQ#ekiga.net](https://countermail.com/src/redirto.php?url=pZTXeEDfoj5EJBCQeJEWpGY2dXwQwKM41GBzShN5dCkUYYUaZzv+lu0GB69PHtSl&CMID=cn5j8qpk8nurjv0mnvmghb5uf3o216gl)
> it is written, that connection with STUN server is not possible. This
> affects also registered SIP accounts?
> Maybe someone knows the answer to this?
> I would be very greatful for an answer, since I like jitsi very much,
> especcially the encryption aspect.
> Which preferences should I use then?
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