[jitsi-users] Mac OSX Log location, nightly build update link incorrect for windows


Hi there, I'm having trouble with my users on the moment with history of
files/messages etc.

We all have nightly 1.1 builds across windows and mac. all have history
turned off.

Jitsi still seems to log file transfers which we do not want...

I've read up on the log file location in theory via the faq, and that works
fine for windows users.

Mac users however, I cannot find the log location at
all....(Library/Application Support/Jitsi or Sip communicator)

Here's a little batch file that I'm sending out to my users for windows if
anyone needs it

@echo off

echo *** Cleaning Jitsi History *******

rmdir /s /q %APPDATA%\Jitsi\history_ver1.0

echo *** DONE! ****


So can anyone help me find the exact location of the file history on a mac?
Funnily enough with the latest version, all new file transfers/chats do not
get logged on the mac.

Old ones that were done when the user first installed the application stay
however, its really strange - I dont understand why :confused:

Also, when using the nightly build, the update link still points to the
stable version.

Even if I change it, then do the update to the latest version, it overwrites
it again to the stable version :confused:

On the mac it points to the nightly location as one would expect..