[jitsi-users] Logitech C920

Instead of only reporting things that need attention
I wanted to report that a Logitech C920 works out-of-the-box.

I did a side-by-side compare with a Microsoft VX-800 webcam, both doing H264@90Khz:

VX-800 640X480@20fps bandwidth 100kbps-1500kpbs
C920 640x480@20fps bandwidth 30kbps-600kbps
C920 1280x720@20fps bandwidth 80kbps-1200kbps

Even with a normal amount of movement, the C920 needs less bandwidth at a higher resolution.

Normally the C920 go for about 120 euro's, but I could not resist an offer for 80...
It has hw-compression, stereo-mic, an tripod-mount and capable of 1080P


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